SIFI Launches Dry Eye Disease Device Synfo

Source: SIFI

SIFI announced the launch of Synfo, a novel medical device for dry eye disease.

The new hypotonic formulation is a synergistic blend of two polymers—sodium hyaluronate and xanthan gum—and two osmoprotectants, betaine and glycine. In addition to moisturizing and lubricating, Synfo is designed to compensate tear instability, restore tears’ volume and ocular surface’s health, as well as provide antioxidant and osmoprotective properties.

Marketed under SIFI’s dry eye umbrella brands, it is now commercially available in Italy as Hyalistil Synfo, in Romania as Lubristil Synfo, and will be soon available in other countries as Eyestil Synfo.

“Listening to patients’ needs and leveraging on our long experience with sodium hyaluronate and xanthan gum, we developed a new formulation able to work synergistically with osmoprotectants to restore homeostasis and reduce proinflammatory activated genes in dry eye conditions, when oxidative and hyperosmolar stresses are present on the ocular surface. This was confirmed in preclinical data and promising initial feedback by patients using SYNFO, who reported rapid and lasting relief in signs and symptoms,” Maria Grazia Mazzone, SIFI’s Business and Portfolio Development Director, said in a company news release. “Thanks to the optimal ratio between the two polymers and its high pseudoplasticity, the new formulation appears to be retained longer and more comfortably on the ocular surface with no blurred vision in more than 90% of those early users”.


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