SIFI Announces Approval of Mini Well Ready IOL in Singapore


Italian ophthalmic company SIFI has announced the approval of the Mini Well Ready IOL by Singapore’s Health Science’s Authority. Mini Well Ready is an innovative, aspherical, EDOF, progressive IOL designed for the surgical correction of presbyopia.

“It is today increasingly recognized that presbyopia is an aspect of refractive error that needs to be addressed,” Gilberto Dalesio, SIFI Chief Commercial Officer, said in a company news release. “Presbyopia affects quality of life so SIFI is again proud to bring such an innovative intraocular lens into the Asian market”

Improvements brought on by Mini Well Ready IOL are closely linked to the novel optical design that assures a continuum of focus between far vision and near vision, therefore positively affecting visual performances.

In the coming months, the Mini Well Ready IOL may be implanted in clinics and hospitals in Singapore, offering patients a technologically advanced presbyopia solution in conjunction with cataract surgery.  Furthermore, SIFI has also scheduled the registration of Mini Well Ready in Singapore.

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