Salzburg Reading Desk Now Available in United States

Source: SRD Vision

SRD Vision announced that the Salzburg Reading Desk (SRD) is now available to clinicians and researchers in the United States as it is now considered 510(k) Class One exempt.

“We are excited to be able to offer the SRD to US eye care professionals,” Ted Newill, President and CEO of SRD Vision, said in a company news release. “We have made reading speed and acuity testing practical and efficient. Furthermore, by computerizing these tests, we can add other capabilities that are not possible with traditional reading cards like multiple levels of contrast and luminance and a variety of distances. Finally, the SRD has been used as an end point or methodology in more than 20 peer reviewed papers, presentations and posters.”

SRD Vision manufactures and markets the Salzburg Reading Desk (SRD). The SRD helps eye care professionals assess near, computer and intermediate reading speed and reading acuity utilizing a high-resolution monitor and software that presents progressively smaller sentences. Stereophotogrammetry monitors the distance between the patient and the monitor. To prevent familiarization, sentences are randomized from an inventory. Other parameters like contrast and luminance can be adjusted.

The SRD is protected by a European patent and a US patent.

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