Reichert Technologies Introduces New Family of ClearChart 4 Digital Acuity Systems

Source: Reichert Technologies

Reichert Technologies has announced the launch of three new ClearChart Digital Acuity Systems: ClearChart 4 Digital Acuity System, ClearChart 4X Enhanced Digital Acuity System, and ClearChart 4P Polarized Digital Acuity System.

The new family of ClearChart Digital Acuity Systems is all-in-one, simple to use, and uniquely designed to meet all acuity testing needs with a wide selection of optotypes and other special test charts. Optotypes include the following: 17 letter set, 8 letter set, Sloan, HOTV, Landolt C, Landolt C & O, Tumbling E, and Children’s Optotypes, among others. Some of the special test charts include astigmatic testing, fusion, phoria, and binocular balance. Optotypes can be isolated, increased or decreased in size, and displayed in LogMar, Snellen, or Linear progression.

The ClearChart 4, ClearChart 4X, and ClearChart 4P all feature new 24 inch, high-resolution, LED backlit displays that are lightweight, cool running, and long lasting. The intuitive user interface, whether controlled from the Phoroptor VRx Digital Refraction System or SightChek Digital Phoroptor, or by an easy-to-use infrared remote, provides the best user experience of any digital acuity chart.

Requiring no separate components or software, ClearChart Digital Acuity Systems are free of moving parts, noisy fans, and spinning hard drives, providing silent, and dependable operation. ClearChart Digital Acuity Systems can be configured for standard or mirrored viewing to accommodate refracting distances from 6ft to 24.6ft (1.83m to 7.5m). ClearChart 4X and ClearChart 4P users have the ability to easily import images and videos to customize their digital acuity system by simply importing files from a USB drive. ClearChart 4X and ClearChart 4P also include ETDRS, contrast sensitivity, and patient education slides.

The ClearChart 4P features a linear polarized screen that has polarization angles of 45° and 135° and use an articulating mount to provide proper viewing for stereo testing. Additional polarized charts are available in the ClearChart 4P Polarized Digital Acuity System.

Reichert ClearChart Digital Acuity Systems are built on Reichert’s legacy of innovation in acuity and refraction and are proudly made in the United States in Reichert’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and world headquarters in Buffalo, NY, USA.


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