Referrals to Rehab for Irreversible Vision Impairment Suboptimal

Source: Reuters Health

Most patients with irreversible vision impairment are not referred to low-vision rehabilitation, highlighting the need to better educate ophthalmologists and ophthalmology residents about these services, researchers say, according to a report in Reuters Health.

Dr. Cynthia Owsley of the University of Alabama at Birmingham and colleagues examined low-vision referral rates for 143 adults with irreversible vision impairment in one or both eyes, defined as visual acuity of 20/60 or worse, who presented to a publicly funded eye clinic in Alabama.

Participants’ mean age was 55; 48% were women; 86% were African American; 62% were uninsured; and 62%, unemployed. They filled out questionnaires regarding vision rehabilitation and difficulties in everyday activities, and were assessed for cognitive status, depressive symptoms and health literacy.

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