Rayner Set to Launch RayOne Trifocal at ESCRS

Source: Rayner

Rayner has announced the launch of the RayOne Trifocal preloaded IOL. The RayOne Trifocal will be unveiled at the upcoming 2017 ESCRS conference in Lisbon, and product availability will begin October 9, 2017 to all CE registered markets.

Based on the proven, high performance Rayner ‘closed loop’ platform, the new diffractive technology of the RayOne Trifocal is the result of several years of development in partnership with a leading European Research Centre using advanced vision simulation technology. The resultant new patented diffractive trifocal profile reduces light loss to an industry leading 11% and provides a smooth transition for the patient from near to intermediate and distance vision, according to Rayner.

Following CE Mark approval earlier in 2017, Rayner conducted a multi-surgeon, multisite evaluation study of the new Trifocal IOL across four European markets, with the first IOL implanted by Professor Oliver Findl of the Hanusch Hospital in Vienna.

“The early results from the RayOne Trifocal first implantations have demonstrated the exceptional light availability from the optic. The first month feedback demonstrates excellent intermediate visual acuity, enabling patients to feel more comfortable transitioning from near to distance activities whilst also reducing patients’ reliance on glasses” Warwick Strand, Rayner Marketing Director, said in a company news release.

“We know that patient demand is growing for spectacle independence following cataract or presbyopia treatment, which is highly demanding for surgeons. So as well as delivering what we consider to be the most advanced trifocal optic design, it was important to us to provide this in a fully preloaded injector to eliminate the risk of lens handling and to ensure accurate, consistent placement through a 1.65mm nozzle and to do so at a price which would make the technology accessible to a wider range of patients. We are very grateful to all our surgeon partners, university collaborators and team of dedicated engineers and scientists who have taken another step forward in IOL design,” Tim Clover, Rayner CEO, said in the news release.

Find out more at ESCRS

Surgeons are invited to join Rayner on their booth (P207) on Saturday, October 7 and Sunday, October 8, 15:00–16:00, for presentations from the surgeons to first implant the RayOne Trifocal. There will also be the opportunity to discuss the new technology in greater detail with Rayner staff throughout the exhibition.

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