Rayner Launches New Eye Drop Formulations for Dry Eye

Source: Rayner

Rayner has introduced the AEON family of pre- and post-surgery eye drops to help patients with dry eye manage their condition and improve their visual outcomes. 

An instability in the tear film, caused by dry eye, has been shown to impact the preoperative biometry that can lead to incorrect IOL calculations. The impact of this has been reported to influence pre-surgical biometry by up to 1 dioptre. The new AEON range is intended to relieve the symptoms of dry eye to help surgeons achieve more accurate postoperative visual acuity, and to improve satisfaction for patients, according to a company news release.

The AEON family of premium eye drops has been formulated to support patients’ recovery and optimize vision after eye surgery:

  • AEON PROTECT PLUS has a unique cross-linked sodium hyaluronate (HA) formulation to provide an artificial tear for relief of moderate to severe dry eye. Specifically based on the ophthalmologist’s needs for their patients before and after surgery, PROTECT PLUS is the only eye drop indicated to treat before eye surgery.
  • AEON REPAIR is designed for use in the weeks after surgery and combines sodium hyaluronate (HA) with vitamins A and E to lubricate, soothe, and aid the repair of the surface of eyes.

Both AEON REPAIR and AEON PROTECT PLUS are free of phosphates and stored in multidose dropper devices, which allow the solutions to stay sterile without the need of preservatives.

“With over 600,000 ophthalmic surgeries each year in the UK alone, there are large numbers of patients requiring pre and post-surgical eye drops,” Tim Clover, CEO of Rayner, said in a company news release. “As recent research shows, almost two-thirds of patients suffer from dry eye disease prior to cataract surgery and this can significantly hinder recovery and long-term visual results. That’s why we created AEON, because at Rayner, we are passionate about improving patient care and that’s why AEON eye drops are being made available with every Rayner intraocular lens (IOL), to ensure that the patients get the best possible outcome.”

Both AEON REPAIR and AEON PROTECT PLUS are available from Rayner directly, selected pharmacy and opticians, or on Amazon. For more information about the full AEON range visit https://rayner.com/en/artificial-tears/aeon/


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