Quantel Medical Creates a New Subsidiary in Poland

Source: Quantel Medical

Quantel Medical has announced the opening of its new Polish subsidiary: Quantel Medical Polska. The new location will commercialize the complete range of ultrasound, laser, and dry eye diagnostics products. Quantel Medical Polska has also been appointed exclusive distributor for the products of FCI company (a Zeiss group company).

Growth of the Polish market and increasing need for ophthalmological products

With a population of 38.4 million and an average GDP growth of more than 3%, Poland is one of the top five European countries where citizens’ standard of living has considerably evolved. Poland has more than 4,500 ophthalmologists and is witnessing significant growth in demand for ophthalmological products owing to demographic change and its ageing population.

Quantel Medical – operating in the Polish market for 20 years

“We have been operating in the Polish market for more 20 years and are the leading provider of ophthalmic ultrasound systems, as well as one of the top three suppliers of retinal lasers”, Jean-Marc Gendre, CEO of Quantel Medical, said in a company news release. “Given the growth that the Polish ophthalmology market is currently experiencing, we’ve decided to set up our own subsidiary and directly address the needs of Polish ophthalmologists for diagnosis and treatment products for retinal diseases, glaucoma, AMD, cataracts and dry eye”.

Quantel Medical Polska is participating at the national ophthalmology congress starting June 8, where Quantel Medical’s latest innovations were showcased. Among them, a specific focus was put on LacryDiag, the new ocular surface analyzer device for dry eye diagnosis and VITRA 2, a new generation of retinal photocoagulation laser.

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