Quantel Medical Announces Acquisition of Optotek Medical

Source: Quantel Medical

Quantel Medical announced that it is acquiring ophthalmic medical device maker Optotek Medical. This acquisition comes after a long collaboration between the two companies through the development and supply of devices for its anterior chamber lasers range.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Quantel Medical will acquire Optptek’s ISO certified facility (ISO 13485) in Ljubjana, Slovenia. Optotek sells ophthalmic lasers range sold in 30 countries.

“Co-developments led by Quantel Medical and Optotek Medical for almost 20 years have allowed to bring to market innovative solutions for the treatment of secondary cataract and glaucoma,” Jean-Marc Gendre, Quantel Medical’s CEO, said in a company news release. This acquisition is the logical outcome of a historic collaboration and the beginning of a new phase in our development.”

Slovenia-based Optotek Medical’s products include the OptoSLT M for selective laser trabeculoplasty; the OptoYag&SLT M, a photodisruptor and SLT laser combined; and the LacriMax for Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) procedures.

The industrial, technological and commercial synergies between the two companies will accelerate the development of new products, according to Quantel.


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