PECAA Launches the Integrated Eye Care Initiative

Source: PECAA

PECAA, a nationwide doctor alliance group for independent eye care professionals, has launched a new program, the “Integrated Eye Care Initiative,” which is aimed at driving informed decision making for the next wave of health care reform.

The program launched in April and is an extension of the “Health Care Reform to Thrive” program developed by OD Excellence prior to its merger with PECAA. The Integrated Eye Care Initiative will work closely with participating providers to help them understand their role and opportunities as the eye care industry transitions to the second phase of health care reform (being driven by the 21st Century Cures Act). PECAA’s IECI Advisors will help members implement changes in their practice to accelerate their transition from a traditional fee-for-service system to an outcome-based care delivery system.

The Integrated Eye Care Initiative was created with the goal of providing eye care practitioners the ability to be able to negotiate for higher reimbursements, fully immerse themselves in local integrated care delivery networks and ultimately, equip them with the necessary tools and resources needed to deliver better patient care.

“PECAA is pleased to be a leader in the eye care industry and to help members move to outcome-driven care,” Jamie Hughes, PECAA’s Senior Vice President and General Manager, said in the news release. “We share a common goal with providers who choose to participate in the program… to help pave the way to better patient care through a stronger community of thriving independent practitioners.”

“Health care reform has opened many new doors for eye care providers,” adds Jennifer Low, IECI Advisor. “We are excited to work side-by-side with PECAA members through the IECI program and the rest of the patient’s care team to implement the most effective diabetes management program possible – one that recognizes the unique value eye care brings to the team to facilitate the best possible outcomes for each patient.”

There is no cost to participate in the program, although access to the program is exclusive to PECAA members. To learn more about the Integrated Eye Care Initiative, visit www.pecaa.com/health-care-reform.


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