Market Scope: Patient Demand for Better Vision Will Drive Double-Digit Growth in IOL Revenues

Source: Market Scope

Technological innovations in premium IOLs will help drive global IOL revenues to more than $6.1 billion by 2023, according to Market Scope data.

In 2017, the global presbyopia-correcting IOL (PC-IOL) channel grew by more than 10 percent, driven by expanding options in the segment.

Other factors driving significant growth in the overall IOL market over the next 5 years will include growing access to medical care in emerging markets, increases in life expectancy, rapid growth in the global elderly population segment, and patients’ desire for better uncorrected vision at all distances.

The premium IOL market will soon add a new layer with the upcoming launch of the RxSight »RxLAL adjustable IOL. Postoperative adjustment of IOL refractive power is expected to give cataract and refractive surgeons far greater confidence in providing their patients with the most accurate and customizable refractive outcomes.

In the 2018 IOL Report, Market Scope projects the evolution of post-op adjustable IOLs, including the eventual improvements that will enable surgeons to offer presbyopia correction, as well as customizable adjustments to sphere and cylinder.

Market Scope predicts the impact that the next generation of shape-changing accommodating IOLs will play in expanding the PC-IOL channel. The PowerVision »FluidLens and LensGen Juvene have shown promising early clinical results. In addition to providing presbyopia correction, these IOLs hold the promise of a lower incidence of optical disturbances.

Cataract surgery has long been considered among the safest and most frequently performed surgical procedures in the world, with ophthalmologists implanting nearly 27 million IOLs in 2017, but postoperative refractive surprises and optical disturbances persist and often leave patients unsatisfied.

More than a third of cataract patients are left with significant postoperative astigmatism, but less than 4 percent globally receive toric IOLs. One of the main reasons is lack of consistently accurate results. However, Market Scope expects robust growth in toric IOL use over the next 5 years due to improvements in IOL designs, growing number of powers, and improved diagnostic tools to provide patients with better visual outcomes.

The RxSight RxLAL, which has been FDA approved to treat astigmatism, is expected to significantly increase demand for astigmatic correction by offering patients more accurate and customizable outcomes.

Market Scope’s “2018 IOL Report: A Global Market Analysis for 2017 to 2023” is in its 18th edition. For more information, call us at (314) 835-0600 or visit www.market-scope.com.

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