Optronics Introduces Microcast Pro Medical Grade Microscope Video Camera Platform

Source: Optronics

Optronics announced the introduction of the next generation Microcast, the Microcast 4K PRO 3CMOS 2160p Ultra High Definition, and Microcast HD PRO 3CMOS 1080p high definition microscope video cameras for surgical and other technical microscope imaging applications including pathology, research, bio-medical R&D, and pharmaceutical R&D.

The new Microcast Pro video camera systems are recognized as industry-leading high performance microimaging cameras for broadcasting, recording and presenting high resolution 4K and HD video as seen in the microscope oculars. 

In conjunction with the new camera system innovation, Optronics has launched Microcast Producer, a customized video editing coaching service designed to complement the camera systems and empower their customers to fully utilize the stunning HD and Ultra HD video files produced by their new camera systems and create magical multimedia presentations.

“In today’s multimedia enabled world, video is transforming our customers’ ability to communicate to colleagues and peers; to educate and inspire … enabling our customers to achieve greatness with their video requires not only the best camera systems it requires what’s trending with video editing know-how. Our Microcast Producer service is aimed at fulfilling this promise. Microcast Producer gives our customers the tools and inspiration to produce the best video possible,” Rich Crandall, Director of Business Development for Optronics, said in a company news release.

The Microcast Pro camera systems deliver up to 4K video at 3840×2160 pixel resolution with instantaneous frame rates, 3 CMOS RGB clinical quality color reproduction, high dynamic range with extended exposure options to provide sensitivity and unsurpassed digital video image quality in the most challenging and most demanding microscope imaging disciplines. Multiple recording and networking options are available.

With the new Microcast Pro camera systems, organizations will now enjoy a simple intuitive camera system platform, cinematic life-like color quality and instantaneous full resolution uncompressed video speeds that ensure an immersive visual experience to the largest displays. This results in increased operational efficiencies, enhanced collaboration with both time and cost saving benefits.

Microcast HD PRO and the Microcast 4K PRO cameras are compatible with most brands of microscopes and are designed specifically for the rigorous use and patient safety requirements in an operating room environment. All Microcast camera systems are FDA listed, class 1 medical devices and meet quality standards including: UL60601-1, Medical Electrical Equipment, First Edition and CSA C22.2 No. 601.1, Medical Electrical Equipment, R2005 Edition.


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