Ophthalmologists Warn Against “Affordable” LASIK Surgery

Source: Benzinga

People tired of contact lens or glasses can be drawn to advertisements that claim to offer cheap LASIK surgery - often times as low as $400 per eye. With the annual cost of glasses or contacts at practically the same price, it can certainly seem appealing. The experienced doctors at Stahl Eyecare Experts on Long Island and New York City are warning patients to avoid these "deals," according to a report in Benzinga.

"These days there are coupons for extremely affordable LASIK procedures but the truth is that they are often a classic bait and switch tactic. Patients are told after paying the low rate that their eyes are not suited for the supposedly affordable version," said Benjamin Chang, M.D. at Stahl Eyecare. "The simple truth is that there is no extremely cheap way to have LASIK surgery done safely and correctly. Here at Stahl Eyecare, our doctors are so confident in our ability to accurately and painlessly perform LASIK we proudly offer a money-back guarantee to all our patients, and in addition, we offer a 'price-match' guarantee."

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