Ophthalmic OR Microscope Market to See More Than 6 Percent Growth over Next Five Years

Source: Market Scope

Market Scope expects the global ophthalmic operating room (OR) microscope market to grow at a healthy pace of more than 6 percent over the next 5 years, as 2018 revenues of $403 million climb to nearly $548 million by 2023.

Revenues will rise most sharply in Latin America and other developing regions due to expanding access to ophthalmic surgery.

The US market will represent nearly 30 percent of global market revenues, primarily due to a combination of replacement of older units with newer designs and increases in maintenance costs related to upgrading existing units.

Ophthalmic OR microscopes are used by cataract surgeons and retina, glaucoma, and cornea specialists to perform eye surgery. The devices are a necessary component to microsurgery and come with a variety of features. Prices on this equipment vary widely based on the features included.

In Market Scope’s recently published “2018 Ophthalmic OR Microscopes Report,” the market is segmented into basic, standard, and advanced microscopes. Models are grouped by price point and features, with additional analysis on the competitive landscape of each segment.

Growth over the next 5 years will be driven by demand for newer and improved optics and illumination to replace current technology, developments that provide superior visualization, the integration of diagnostics and surgical guidance systems, expansion of eye care services in developing markets, and increases in maintenance costs associated with upgrading existing units.



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