Ophtec Receives FDA Approval for RingJect Design Enhancements

Source: Ophtec

Ophtec USA received FDA approval for the RingJect delivery system design optimization changes. Ophtec’s RingJect is a single use injector preloaded with the Ophtec Capsular Tension Ring (CTR).

The Ophtec CTR is made of PMMA with patented compression molding technology, making for a durable, flexible device to stabilize the capsular bag in the presence of weakened or compromised zonules. The RingJect delivers the legacy Ophtec Capsular Tension Ring (CTR) originally designed for use in complicated cataract surgery.

“We are grateful that the FDA has approved the Ophtec RingJect with optimized delivery system enhancements,” Abraham Farhan, Vice President & General Manager of Ophtec USA, said in a company news release. “Our surgeons and patients will continue to benefit from our legacy Capsular Tension Ring (CTR). We are very excited about the RingJect, as it saves time in surgery and reduces surgical preparation time.”

“Ophtec has a passion for vision and we look forward to provide the same preloaded sterile Capsular Tension Ring that has offered surgeon’s a high level of safety for complicated cataract cases and which has shown its added value in premium IOL cases with years of successful clinical outcomes,” Tiago Guerreiro, Ophtec’s Global Marketing Director, said in the news release. 

The RingJect delivers the Ophtec Capsular Tension Ring (CTR) which is a uniplanar, 270 ring made entirely of ultraviolet-light-absorbing PMMA with one manipulation eyelet at each end of the ring. The primary function is to stabilize the capsular bag, especially in patients with weak or broken zonules, during cataract surgery. Today surgeons use RingJect in premium IOL surgeries for better IOL centration and stabilization.


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