Omni Eye Services, Backed by NMS Capital, Acquires Kremer Eye Center

Source: VisionMonday

Omni Eye Services, a portfolio company of NMS Capital, announced this week its strategic partnership with Kremer Eye Center, a market-leading regional provider of medical-surgical eyecare services in the Mid-Atlantic, according to a report in VisionMonday.

Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Headquartered in King of Prussia, Pa., Kremer is a market-leading medical-surgical eyecare provider in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware area and one of the largest multi-specialty ophthalmic practices in the Mid-Atlantic. Over the past 35-plus years, Kremer has remained at the forefront of ophthalmic surgery, performing the first LASIK surgery in North America and introducing one-stitch and eventually no-stich cataract surgery, the announcement said.

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