Oculus Presents the New ImageCam 3

Source: Oculus

Oculus announced the release of the ImageCam 3 image documentation system, which features a smaller and lighter slit lamp. Measuring 29 x 29 x 48 millimeters, the camera of the ImageCam 3 weighs 47 grams. This miniature system brings advantages to routine slit lamp work. Its fast USB 3.0 connection makes it possible to create videos with up to 130 pictures a second, and the camera provides a whole megapixel more than its predecessor, according to a company news release.

Oculus recommends using the new ImageCam 3 with one of the Oculus D version slit lamps. The joystick of both the SL-IC4 D and the SL-IC5 D comes with a release button. This eliminates the need for an additional footswitch, as you can simply use the joystick for image release.

Please contact your local distributor for more information. www.oculus.de


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