Oculus Announces Release of Smartfield Smart Compact Perimeter

Source: Oculus

Oculus has announced the release of its Smartfield perimeter, expanding its portfolio of compact visual field testing devices. The new Smartfield has been optimized specifically for examinations for functional impairment of the central visual field, but is also suited for peripheral measurements.

The Smartfield performs standard automated perimetry using an ultra-high luminance LCD display. Its short measurement times make it excellently suited for standard screening methods, according to Oculus. In addition, the control software offers a wide array of state-of-the-art measurement procedures for diagnostic and follow-up examinations.

Due to its compact design, the new Oculus perimeter requires little set-up space. It can be operated in rooms with normal lighting conditions, saving the need for a darkroom.

The new Smartfield comes with translucent lateral eye shields, also eliminating the need for an eyepatch and saving time in preparation for the examination. Another time saver is that patients with presbyopia require no refractive correction prior to testing.

Since the new Smartfield works entirely without moving parts, customers also get to enjoy the advantages of reduced maintenance costs and a longer service life. The practical carrying handle makes the perimeter convenient for portable use.





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