Ocular Innovations Launches Exclusive Ophthalmology Video Content for Patient-Facing Ophthalmology Solution

Source: Ocular Innovations

Ocular Innovations announced it has launched its comprehensive ophthalmology video content library tailored for the ophthalmology industry that optimizes the overall patient experience. Ocular Innovations provides ophthalmologists worldwide access to this proprietary high-value short-form video content through Ocular Innovation’s “Human Experience Platform” (HXP), which leverages mobile-centric technologies as a patient education and protocol compliance tool.

By collaborating with key opinion leaders (KOL) in the field, Ocular Innovations has identified the pain points for both the patient and the Ophthalmologist and simplified the process for all involved by eliminating communication friction and redundancy. Patients simply opt-in once to receive Ocular Innovations’ proprietary pre-appointment, pre-op, and post-op videos. The videos are pushed directly to the patients’ smartphones without downloading an app, using email, logging in, or creating an account. The videos can be watched anywhere, anytime. They close critical knowledge gaps for the patient by informing them what to expect in surgical processes, treatment options, and recovery. As a result, patients are more educated and informed, which often results in more advanced options, such as enhanced, premium intraocular lenses.

This allows all ophthalmologists to deliver the most critical information to our patients consistently at every step

“Ocular Innovations’ expertly crafted ophthalmology-specific video content delivered through its easy-to-use mobile intelligence platform helps us dramatically improve the patient experience,” said David W. Shoemaker, MD, Founder and Director of Cataract & Lens Replacement Surgery, Sarasota, Florida. “Finally, we can educate the patient before, during, and after their first appointment with us in a very compelling way that gives patients confidence in their expectations and minimizes fear and concerns around any surgical or non-surgical procedure,”

Ocular Innovations’ high-quality, ophthalmologic short-form video content library includes such critical vision topics as cataracts, LASIK™ and refractive surgeries, dry eye, astigmatism, hyperopia, myopia, presbyopia, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and more. Ocular Innovations is ushering in a new era of patient, manufacturer, and consumer engagement. Its ability to deliver relevant, short-form video content to end-users without using an app, email, password, or login creates consistent messaging and patient engagement, empowerment, and confidence while delivering frictionless improvements in care delivery.

The Ocular Innovations’ platform capabilities, including robust data analytics that provides visibility and value of the patient experience, extend the clinical brand with scheduled virtual patient interactions throughout their protocol adherence. This includes a patient CareCart™ stocked with recommended products curated and recommended by Ophthalmologists and clinical experts.

“Ocular Innovations’ solution allows us to deliver the most critical information to our patients consistently before they even come into their first appointment,” stated Gregory Parkhurst, MD, FACS, Founder and President of Parkhurst NuVision, San Antonio, Texas. “This vital education provides patients with many answers to questions they have pre-appointment so that they are informed, confident, and reassured about the experience they are about to undergo.”

Established in 2018 by Michael Boerner, CEO and Founder of Engage Technologies Group, Inc., Ocular Innovations combines proprietary mobile intelligence technology with potent short form “Story Living Video Content” that engages directly with the patient. Accessed directly from the patient’s cell phone, Ocular Innovations delivers quality 90-second episodic, drip, or event-based content that is white-labeled for clinic or manufacturer branding. Their “zero friction” mobile experience streamlines patient knowledge and education at the precise moment where the height of interest and time of need converge. This is particularly applicable when patients prepare for office visits, consultation, and critical procedures from their ophthalmologist.

“The launch of this robust Ophthalmology Video Content Library enables efficiency in the ophthalmologic patient journey like never before,” stated James Strafuss, President and General Manager of Ocular Innovations. “Our breakthrough in mobile intelligence storytelling enables us to further equip ophthalmologists with a solution they have always wanted for their patients — a just-in-time, friction-free, anxiety-relieving, journey describing, ‘yellow brick road’ to follow seamlessly. We can finally help ophthalmologists and their clinical teams streamline and measure every step across the patient care continuum without patient portals, apps, email, or logins. Simple is finally possible.”

Ocular Innovations has closed the loop on previously friction-filled, disconnected, and inconsistent patient communications that have plagued the health care delivery spectrum for years. Ocular Innovations’ clients can elevate and simplify the patient communication experience by driving lead generation, lead capture, conversion, education, and retention over the life of each patient and their family.

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