Novartis Launches “Not Today, Dry Eye” Consumer Campaign

Source: Novartis

This month, Novartis launched its new direct-to-consumer commercial and campaign “Not Today, Dry Eye,” which aims to improve awareness of dry eye disease (DED) among consumers. This campaign underscores the fact that inflammation can play an important role in the development and amplification of DED, according to Novartis. This is showcased via an animated character meant to personify the root cause of DED, and a narrative that explains how DED may impact patients on a daily basis.

The campaign aims to educate the artificial tear user who may be appropriate for prescription therapy, by grabbing their attention in an entertaining and memorable way, as well as:

  • Integrated media: With its animated character of “inflammation,” being at the forefront across materials, the ad spans across TV, print, radio, digital and social platforms. “We decided to personify inflammation in the form of an animated character to help illustrate what DED may feel like for some patients – an annoying feeling of eye dryness, irritation, burning, or gritty sensation within the affected eye,” according to Novartis.
  • Patient education: The campaign will reach patients at their various stages of selecting a dry eye treatment, including the posting of “shelf talkers” in eye relief sections of stores, and educating them at their eye care visits.
  • Event for eye care professionals: Novartis is sharing its efforts to reach DED sufferers with eye doctors by hosting a live virtual launch event expected to be attended by HCPs nationwide to generate excitement surrounding the campaign and hear from peers on the topic of dry eye disease and Xiidra as a treatment option.

Novartis spoke to ECPs about the patient experience they have seen in their practices. In addition, the company also conducted robust market testing with ECPs to ensure that this edutainment campaign would be helpful and informative to doctors, patients, and consumers.


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