NovaBay Pharmaceuticals to Distribute the NuLids System for the Treatment of Dry Eye in Certain U.S. Geographies

Source: NovaBay Pharmaceuticals

NovaBay Pharmaceuticals announced an exclusive 90-day agreement with NuSight Medical to distribute the NuLids System for treatment of blepharitis and dry eye in six of NovaBay’s top-performing territories. The NuLids System is a hand-held, cordless device that safely and effectively removes accumulated scurf from eyelashes and eyelids, while stimulating meibomian gland production in dry eye and blepharitis patients. The NuLids System is available through eyecare professionals for home use by the patient.

“The NuLids System is highly complementary to Avenova and, in fact, we believe that anyone using this product should also be using Avenova to treat both the symptoms and the underlying cause of blepharitis and bacterial dry eye,” Justin Hall, NovaBay CEO, said in a company news release. “We further believe the NuLids System will elevate our sales calls with ophthalmologists and optometrists and make our salespeople more productive. The NuLids System is available through eyecare professionals, which supports our buy-and-sell sales channel for Avenova. We expect to begin selling the NuLids System at the beginning of November in the greater mid-Atlantic region.”

“We are delighted to be working with NovaBay, which has a salesforce that is dedicated to the treatment of dry eye and has established relationships with eyecare specialists,” Robert Foster, NuSight Medical CEO, said in the news release. “This agreement expands upon our existing professional dealer network with a highly credible distribution partner in a large geographic territory that had previously been underserved. This agreement represents an exciting opportunity to serve dry eye sufferers and their eye care professionals, who may be currently unaware of the NuLids System’s exceptional results in ending or substantially reducing that scratchy, gritty, itching, burning and/or sandy feeling in the eye. One-year patient survey data has shown that 96% of patients surveyed after a 30-day trial reported being either ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with NuLids.”

The NuLids System is easy to use and requires just 1 minute each day to treat both eyes. Clinical results show a significant reduction in the signs and symptoms associated with dry eye, e.g., an improvement in the number of glands secreting important oils, called meibum, of 81%. These oils are necessary for good tear film quality, comfort and health.

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