Notification of Availability of Preservative-Free Cosopt PF

Source: Akorn

Days after being placed on the FDA shortage list, Akorn, the maker of glaucoma drug Cosopt (dorzolamide hydrochloride-timolol maleate ophthalmic solution), noted that Cosopt PF 2%/0.5% is "widely available and in stock at all pharmacies for your patients."

Cosopt PF is the preservatice-free form of Cosopt and is packaged in cartons of 60 single-use vials.

On Tuesday, Imprimis Pharmaceuticals announced that it is dispensing preservative-free dorzolamide and a preservative-free dorzolamide/timolol formulation after dorzolamide and the commercial products, Cosopt and Cosopt PF, were added to the FDA Drug Shortage List.






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