Nidek Launches Upgraded AngioScan OCT- Angiography Software for RS-3000 Advance

Source: Nidek

Nidek has announced the launch of AngioScan, an upgraded OCT-Angiography software that enables visualization of retinal and choroidal microvasculature and blood flow using the RS-3000 Advance OCT, according to a company news release.

OCT-Angiography is a non-invasive technique that eliminates the need for contrast dye injection to examine the layer-by-layer microvasculature within the retina and choroid. Radial peripapillary capillary plexus, superficial capillary plexus, internal capillary plexus, and deep capillary plexus can be analyzed.

One of the newly added analysis functions to NAVIS-EX for OCT-Angiography is the CNV flow. This function allows for rapid, easy assessment of abnormal vessels in the outer retina. Another is the "Projection Artifact Removal" which allows for shadows from the inner retina to be removed to reduce false recognition of outer retinal vasculature. For AngioScan capture, acquisition time is faster, making for better usability and image quality. Moreover, panoramas up to 12 x 9 mm can be automatically composed. Tracing HD Plus reduces overlaps and gaps between individual images, according to Nidek.

This upgraded AngioScan OCT-Angiography Software for RS-3000 Advance will be exhibited at ESCRS2016 in Copenhagen.


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