Nidek Launches Tonoref III Auto Ref/Kerato/Tono/Pachymeter

Source: Nidek

Nidek has announced the launch of the Tonoref III Auto Ref/Kerato/Tono/Pachymeter, according to a company news release. The Tonoref III combines the functionality of an auto-refractometer, auto-keratometer, non-contact tonometer and non-contact pachymeter into one device.

With the Tonoref III, multiple measurements can be performed at one sitting, increasing patient comfort and maximizing clinical efficiency. The space saving design of the Tonoref III ensures effective use of office space, according to Nidek.

A new feature is the incorporation of a non-contact pachymeter to the Tonoref III. This function enables automated calculation of corrected IOP based on the pachymetry data. Generally, IOP is overestimated for thick corneas and underestimated for thin corneas. The corrected IOP value is important for clinical management of patients. The Tonoref III maintains the same compact size as its predecessor even with the addition of the non-contact pachymeter.

Additionally, the Tonoref III incorporates two clinically important functions, accommodation measurement, and opacity observation of the optical media of the eye.

Utilizing 8 years worth of technical achievement since the release of the previous model, Nidek has enhanced the conventional refraction and keratometry measurement functions by incorporating large pupil zone imaging and double mire ring methodology which is certain to maintain our position as a market-leading manufacturer of autoref/keratometers.

With these functionalities and the design above, the Tonoref III will ensure patient comfort while optimizing clinic efficiency.

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