Nidek Launches LPM Low Power Mode for YLC-500 Vixi

Source: Nidek

Nidek has announced the launch of LPM optional software, a low power mode for the YLC-500 Vixi laser photocoagulator. LPM delivers a therapeutic effect to the retina by decreasing the laser power during photocoagulation. During treatment, the standard laser power is decreased by a specified ratio, achieving minimally invasive photocoagulation to the macular region, according to a company news release.

Notable features of this laser include an auto forward function and arcade grid scan pattern for laser delivery. As there are no visible signs of photocoagulation during LPM treatment, these features are included to provide feedback during laser emission. The auto forward function automatically advances the scan pattern to the next position. The arcade grid scan pattern prevents treatment in a central circular area within the grid. A software upgrade is required for incorporating LPM into the YLC-500 Vixi.

“As retinal laser paradigms shift, NIDEK will remain at the forefront of technology to ensure surgeons have greater choices for therapy,” Motoki Ozawa, President and CEO of Nidek, said in the news release. “The incorporation of the LPM in the YLC-500 Vixi is an advanced therapeutic laser modality for a wider range of applications in retinal disease.”

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