Nidek Launches LPM (Low Power Mode) for MC-500 Vixi

Source: Nidek

Nidek has announced the launch of LPM, Low Power Mode for the MC-500 Vixi laser photocoagulator. LPM is a new feature that allows better management of laser energy delivery to the retina with multiple scan patterns. LPM reduces the thermal energy delivered to the retina by reducing the standard (yellow) laser treatment by a specified ratio. This treatment paradigm addresses various conditions including macular edema, according to Nidek.

A notable feature of this laser is the grid scanning pattern that incorporates a circle to exclude laser delivery to some retinal regions. Foveal alignment can be achieved with a circle-shaped aiming beam to avoid repeated laser delivery to the retina. Additionally, the Auto Forward Function allows for automated advancement of the laser from scan pattern to scan pattern.These features allow the surgeon to concentrate on ensuring a well-focused region of interest, enhancing treatment efficiency and reducing patient chair time. A software upgrade is required for incorporating LPM into the MC-500 Vixi.

“As the indications of laser therapy evolve, more opportunities for the development of unique, innovative applications arise” Motoki Ozawa, President of Nidek, said in a company news release. “The incorporation of the Low Power Mode in the MC-500 Vixi provides optimal treatment outcomes with a wider range of applications for retinal disease."

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