Nidek Launches HandyRef-K and HandyRef

Source: Nidek

Nidek announced the launch of the HandyRef-K/HandyRef, a handheld refractometer that is a portable solution for accurate refraction and keratometry measurements, according to a company news release.

The HandyRef-K/HandyRef is lightweight and has weight distribution. It has a compact design and a button layout that is useful in one-handed operation, according to Nidek.

The new full-graphic 3.5-inch color LCD is 40% larger than the previous model. Clear screen design and intuitive icons provide user-friendliness. The measurement data of 50 patients (100 eyes) can be saved in the main body memory. For inexperienced patients like children, newly added melody function can ease patient’s anxiety and draw attention. Data can be transferred quickly and easily to PC and Nidek RT. Two types of fixation target (scenery or children’s) are available. By using the portable stand, the HandyRef-K/HandyRef can be used as a desktop device.

The HandyRef-K / HandyRef's SynchroScan Technology measurements start when the alignment starts, and locks in the data when alignment becomes optimal as a measurement value. Accuracy is further enhanced with the pupil zone imaging method, a super luminescent diode and highly sensitive CCD, according to the company news release.

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