Nidek Launches the SL-2000 Slit Lamp

Source: Nidek

Nidek has announced the launch of the SL-2000 Slit Lamp, which provides a crisp and clear view of ocular tissue in nearly natural color. The optical design of the SL-2000 optimizes resolution and contrast to visualize ocular tissue in exquisite detail. Additionally, the increased depth of focus enables better observation of the peripheral fundus. A long lasting LED light source provides effective, consistent brightness. The unique color-temperature relationship of the illumination system enables observation in nearly natural color even for fundus examination. A unique, proprietary optical lens is incorporated into the SL-2000 to reduce uneven lighting and compensate for aberrations, according to a company news release.

The acclaimed motorized joystick used in other Nidek devices is included in the SL-2000 to enhance practitioner comfort. Smooth vertical movement can be performed even when peripherals are connected such as a heavy digital camera, applanation tonometer, and laser photocoagulator accessories. This remarkably smooth motorized joystick is an example of the many user-friendly features of the SL-2000.



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