New Digital Applanation Tonometer from Keeler

Source: Keeler

Keeler has expanded its range of tonometers with the D-KAT Z-type, the first digital applanation tonometer designed for Keeler Z Series Slit Lamps and other lower illumination style slit lamps, according to a company news release. The FDA-approved contact tonometer aids in glaucoma diagnosis with precise IOP measurements taken at the slit lamp as part of a routine examination.

The D-KAT Z-type uses the ‘Goldmann method’ of measuring IOP, calculating the force required to flatten a constant area of the cornea using a special prism mounted on the tonometer head and placed against the cornea.

With fewer moving parts compared to conventional applanation tonometers, the D-KAT Z-type’s internal electronics deliver fast and accurate IOP measurement to one decimal point. The integrated LED display is easily read in darkened exam rooms.

For safe, efficient use of the D-KAT Z-type, Keeler offers the Tonomate disposable applanation prism. Sterile, and individually packaged, Tonomate prisms are designed to be discarded after use, streamlining eye examinations and preventing the cross-infection between patients of diseases that can be transmitted via the tear film.

In addition to the new D-KAT Z-Type, Keeler’s British-designed and manufactured range of digital applanation tonometers includes R-type and T-type variants for -H- style slit lamps. For more information, visit www.Keelerusa.com; email Keeler@Keelerusa.com; call 1-800-523-5620; or contact an authorized dealer.


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