New World Medical Recognizes the Recipients of its 2019 Humanitarian Project Award, Health Outcomes Research Award and Fellowship Awards

Source: New World Medical

New World Medical has announced the recipients of its annual Humanitarian Project Award, Health Outcomes Research Award, and Fellowship Awards. The Humanitarian Project Award supports a non-profit or academic institution that provides ophthalmic care and skills-transfer. The Health Outcomes Research Award promotes a non-profit or academic institution’s study of health care models that address blinding diseases in underserved regions. The Fellowship Awards provide medical mission travel support for glaucoma fellows dedicated to humanitarian work.

  • The University of Utah Moran Eye Center Global Outreach Division was selected to receive the Humanitarian Project Award for its work to end curable blindness by establishing permanent, self-sustaining eye care systems in regions where the prevalence of blindness is among the highest in the world.

 The Humanitarian Project Award of $50,000 will support the Global Outreach Division of the John A. Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah, which establishes local partnerships to teach and train physicians and nurses in developing nations where there is little or no eye care available. The division will use the Humanitarian Project Award to expand its long-term commitment to establish sustainable eye care in Tanzania, a country with just one ophthalmologist for every 1.6 million people.

  • The Aravind Eye Care System/University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center was selected to receive the Health Outcomes Research Award to study the use of a current hub-and-spoke model of care to screen for early-stage posterior segment diseases for patients in rural India.

As part of Aravind Eye Care System, an internationally recognized not-for-profit NGO, the Aravind Eye Hospital, Pondicherry (AEHP) is one of the only sources of ophthalmic care for about 4 million people over a large geographic area. AEHP holds monthly eye camps with free screening examinations throughout the hospital’s catchment area, and then brings patients who need surgery to the hospital to be treated without cost. The $10,000 Health Outcomes Research Award will help doctors at AEHP initiate a test program where monthly eye camps incorporate digital fundus photography and an electronic health record. They will study and publish how these technologies improve detection, referral, and follow-up for posterior segment pathologies.

  • The Fellowship Award recipients for 2019 are David Rooney, MD, and Jordan Stanley, MD, glaucoma fellows who will apply their awards toward ophthalmic mission travel to an underserved nation.

With this $5,000, Drs. Rooney and Stanley will fund travel to a minimum of one ophthalmic mission and use any remaining funds to attend international ophthalmic conferences and/or obtain training that will enhance future efforts to deliver care to underserved populations.

The recipients truly embody the spirit of these objectives. Dr. Rooney has displayed a lifelong dedication to helping others through charitable work and has already completed a surgical mission to Kenya. Following completion of his ophthalmology residency at the Beaumont Eye Institute, William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan, Dr. Rooney will commence a glaucoma fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Dr. Stanley’s in-depth intercultural experiences in Guatemala and Mexico include work with indigenous peoples, mobile medical clinic service, and a rewarding recent eye care mission trip. He is currently serving a glaucoma fellowship at the University of Colorado Sue Anschutz Rodgers Eye Center.

“In many parts of the world, access to screening and treatment for blinding diseases is scarce, but the passion and innovation for change are very strong. That is why New World Medical is so honored and proud to announce our Humanitarian Project Award, Health Outcomes Award and Fellowship Award winners for 2019, all of whom exemplify the energy, creativity and hard work required to solve this global problem,” said Bilal Khan, President of New World Medical. “Recipients were selected from an inspiring pool of international leaders, and we thank our Independent Selection Committee for their incisive work: Hunter Cherwek, MD, Malik Kahook, MD, Scott Lawrence, MD, and Oluwatosin Smith, MD.”


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