New Website Informs Diabetics About the Navigated Laser Treatment of Vision-Threatening Retinal Diseases

Source: Navilas

The new internet platform www.navilas.com informs diabetics and their relatives comprehensively about vision-threatening retinal diseases, the necessity of preventive examinations, standard treatment options and modern, navigated laser therapy with Navilas, according to a company news release.

Navilas is the only digital retinal laser that uses eye-tracking technology. The benefits for patients: Effective treatment to maintain vision with less pain1 and less subsequent treatments.

To treat diabetic retinopathy, regular injections into the eye may often be applied. These have shown to be successful in stabilizing or improving vision, but in many cases have to be repeated chronically, sometimes monthly and over several years. This leads to a high burden for patients and their relatives.

Photocoagulation with retinal lasers has shown long term effects of stabilizing visual outcomes. However, conventional slit lamp based systems have a limited field of view, so the laser application is often tedious and inaccurate, requiring several retreatments, and thus being less effective, while frequently inducing pain to the patient, according to Navilas.

With the navigated Navilas Laser System for the retina, the doctor can for the first time plan the treatment completely and accurately on digital diagnostic images and then – assisted by eye-tracking – apply laser spots safely and quickly. Clinical studies show that this treatment is more comfortable and less painful for patients than conventional slit lamp lasers.. In addition, fewer subsequent treatment sessions of injections and laser are often required to maintain improved vision.

Further information on diabetic retinal diseases and the benefits of navigated laser therapy: www.navilas.com

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