New Test Aims to Make Eye Testing More Accessible

Source: easee

Research that aims to prove easee’s online refraction test is as accurate as an in person exam has been published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. Undertaken at the University Medical Center Utrecht, in the Netherlands (UMC Utrecht), the study measured the safety and accuracy of easee’s CE-marked software medical device against the current gold standard, with positive results, according to a company news release.

This opens up new possibilities for better delivery of, and access to eyecare. With countries struggling to meet rising pressures on healthcare such as ageing populations and higher spending (projected to increase at an annual rate of 5.4% between 2018-2022)[1],  E-health solutions such as easee’s online eye test are a good way to mitigate that. 

“We are delighted with the results. Our mission is to make clear vision accessible to everyone, and this proves we are on the right path. Our ambition is to support the eye-care profession, as we know there is a difficulty to test large volumes of patients providing them with an accurate prescription,” CEO Yves Prevoo said in the news release.

Facilitating remote diagnosis and eye correction via easee’s CE-marked software medical device potentially diminishes the pool of undiagnosed and untreated patients. It can also be used for remote monitoring, another UMC Utrecht hopes to integrate the results into digital patient records, enabling remote monitoring of ophthalmic patients.

The test measures visual acuity and both spherical and cylindrical refractive errors in healthy individuals. Results of the trial are promising: 85% of eyes scored within the +/- 0.5D boundary compared to a standard optometrist manifest refraction, and 90% of mild myopic participants achieved a visual acuity greater than 20/20 using the prescription from easee. The publication of the study confirms the online test as a valid and safe tool to assess refractive errors in healthy adults.

“Easee is a revolutionary development in the delivery of eyecare and provides promising avenues for remote monitoring and medical integration,” head researcher Robert Wisse, MD, PhD, from the UMC Utrecht, said in the news release.

Easee continues to develop its software, and is looking into applying the technology to other areas, providing the world with a comprehensive digital platform for online eye tests.

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