New Alcon Survey Reveals People are Happier, More Satisfied With Their Lives After Cataract Surgery


A new survey from Alcon demonstrates that people experience significant emotional and lifestyle benefits after cataract surgery. Nearly three in four respondents who expressed an opinion agreed that after having the surgery, they were happier, more satisfied and had a greater appreciation for life. The survey also confirmed that life before surgery posed several daily challenges. A majority of survey respondents said cataracts made simple, day-to-day tasks harder, and made them feel annoyed, frustrated, and old.

In recognition of Cataract Awareness Month this month, Alcon conducted the MyCataracts survey with 1,300 US adults, age 60 and over, who have undergone cataract surgery, to better understand the emotional journey of the condition and the lifestyle benefits of treatment. The survey expands Alcon’s ongoing MyCataracts awareness campaign by uncovering insights that will help people make informed treatment decisions together with their doctors.

“In a survey last year, we discovered that most people do not fully understand cataracts, even though more than 24 million people in the US are affected by them,” Jim DiFilippo, Vice President and General Manager, US Surgical, Alcon, said in a news release. “This year, we looked deeper into that knowledge gap to find that many people also don’t realize the real impact and drawbacks cataracts can have on their everyday lives. Cataract Awareness Month provides the perfect opportunity to highlight the emotional journey of cataracts and the benefits of treatment.”

Important survey findings include:

  • Survey respondents report a range of emotions associated with cataracts – before and after surgery. Almost 60 percent of respondents said having cataracts made them feel annoyed, frustrated or old. Of those participants who expressed an opinion, a majority agreed that after surgery they were happier (74%), more satisfied (76%), had a greater appreciation for their lives (68%) and felt more independent because their eyesight is clear (87%).
  • Nearly all the people surveyed would recommend cataract surgery. After reflecting on their own experience, 93 percent of respondents would advise someone they knew who was debating or scared about cataract surgery to get the procedure. 
  • A majority of people surveyed report cataracts made performing simple tasks and day-to-day activities more difficult. Nearly two in three respondents (64%) report that cataracts impacted their lives before surgery, such as making it difficult to work, see colors, drive, and watch TV and movies.
  • Many people did not recognize the emotional toll of living with cataracts. More than 50 percent of the respondents who expressed an opinion agreed that they didn’t realize how much they were missing in their lives until after having cataract surgery.

“Many of my patients with cataracts do not realize the emotional and physical impact the condition has on their lives until after their vision is restored,” said Lawrence Woodard, MD, Medical Director at Omni Eye Services in Atlanta. “Cataract surgery is one of the most common procedures in the US. And the good news is there are treatment options available that can correct vision conditions like astigmatism at the same time to potentially reduce the need for distance glasses.”

During Cataract Awareness Month, Alcon encourages people to visit MyCataracts.com, or call 1-844-MYCATARACT (1-844-692-2827) to learn more about the condition and treatment options, including those that can treat cataracts and astigmatism at the same time. Also visit the MyCataracts Facebook and YouTube pages for real-life stories of the cataract journey.  


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