New Alcon Program Aims to Help ECPs Tap Into Opportunities in the Dry Eye Market Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Source: Alcon

Alcon has launched a new program called “No Reason to Wait: Success Starts Now” aimed at helping eye care professionals (ECPs) better understand the practice and patient benefits of treating the root cause of evaporative dry eye, meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD).

As the eye care community recovers from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, this program can help practitioners who do not currently own a Systane iLux system identify new ways to service and retain existing patients, and implement strategies for supporting economic recovery of their practices, according to Alcon.

“The COVID-19 crisis created a backlog of dry eye patients who might be looking for treatment of meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), the root cause of their evaporative dry eye disease. This presents a unique opportunity for eye care practitioners looking to bring more value to each patient coming through their doors,” Adam Szaronos, Head, U.S. Dry Eye Devices, Alcon, said in a company news release. “The ‘No Reason to Wait’ program brings together leading MGD technology, a proven implementation program, and a newly launched platform for driving long-term patient compliance and retention for practices offering procedures with the Systane iLux system. The program will help eye doctors deliver effective solutions to more patients, create new avenues of revenue at a time of critical need, and address barriers that might prevent successful practice entry and adoption of MGD procedures.”

The program will launch with an array of resources for optometrists and ophthalmologists interested in enhancing their practices by adopting the Systane iLux Suite to generate cash flow with elective procedures including:

  • The Systane iLux system: As the #1 most purchased in-office MGD device, iLux is a portable technology that delivers a MGD treatment in just 8 to 12 minutes and allows personalized treatment based on patient needs.
  • DEEP (Dry Eye Excellence Program): This end-to-end implementation program helps ECPs reach practice goals. Practices participating in the DEEP program generate 2 to 3 times the procedure volume compared to accounts not utilizing the program.
  • Systane MyEyes Program: The first-and-only patient retention program in the MGD space to help drive increased retention, continuity of care and procedure volume.
  • A series of web events focused on everything from virtual demos and practice protocols to sessions with leading dry eye thought leaders discussing the most common implementation barriers and forthcoming learning modules on Alcon Experience Academy.

In addition, Alcon recently received clearance from the FDA to market the new Systane iLux2, which will combine: high-resolution digital visualization, recording and media storage; a built-in near infrared meibography camera; and, white light surface imaging into a single, handheld, portable device. Practitioners who join the “No Reason to Wait” program by purchasing a Systane iLux will have exclusive access to upgrade to the Systane iLux2 at preferred pricing once it becomes available in late 2021.

“We are excited about the recent clearance of our Systane iLux2 innovation, which will put digital visualization, meibography and other key features into the hands of practitioners,” said Mr. Szaronos. “With a full suite of leading technology and implementation and retention programs now available, as well as peace-of-mind pathways to migrate to our next generation technology, we truly believe there is no reason to wait to start offering MGD procedures today.”



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