Navilas at AAO 2019: Laser is Back with Digital Guidance for Posterior Segment Treatments

Source: OD-OS

At this week’s AAO in San Francisco, OD-OS will be showcasing its Navilas 577s laser platform. The Navilas 577s is a retina laser with integrated eye tracking technology, a transparent workflow, and documentation which proves in clinics and teaching hospitals to be the next generation digital laser platform, and to contribute to the revival of laser in posterior segment applications, according to a company news release.

At AAO booth 2055, user experiences with the navigated laser are presented in a case poster exhibition, while live demos allow for hands-on experience with the Navilas 577s Laser System.

Presented cases highlight how the Navilas laser platform can have advantages over conventional or pattern laser systems in main posterior segment applications:

  • Precise focal treatments, e.g. of macular edema, thanks to targeting via the overlay of diagnostic images
  • Fast and comfortable peripheral treatments, e.g. of retinal tears, through pre-planning of equidistant laser spots and computer-guided laser delivery
  • Easy-to-control subthreshold treatments, e.g. of central serous chorioretinopathy, through confluent laser delivery and transparent documentation of “invisible” laser treatment

These cases are complemented by what users of Navilas 577s,  the 2nd generation navigated laser, are saying:

“With this navigated laser, first time in my 20+ years career that I had a full PRP in one eye, while the patient graded the pain as a 1 and asked to have the other eye treated same day,” Robin Ross, MD, Global Retina Institute, Arizona, said in the news release. “The diminished pain experience improves the odds of follow-up within our patient population. Our team really feels with the Navilas we give people a fighting chance at saving sight.”

“Because treatment with Navilas is more comfortable for patients, they more often return for their therapy which has significantly increased the number of PRP treatments we perform. Therefore, Navilas 577s was a worthwhile investment also from the financial point of view as the system basically paid itself within the first year,” said Lars Freisberg, MD, Tulsa Retina Consultants, Oklahoma.

“A challenge when using subthreshold laser is that you don’t have visual feedback. With Navilas documentation, it’s really transparent where you applied the laser,” said Pradeep Prasad, MD, Harbor-UCLA, California.


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