Nathan Radcliffe, MD, to Present Latest Data on Kahook Dual Blade (KDB) at AAO 2017

Source: New World Medical

New World Medical announced that data will be presented at the American Academy of Ophthalmology 121st Annual Meeting (AAO 2017) in New Orleans. Nathan Radcliffe, MD, cataract and glaucoma surgeon at New York Eye Surgery Center and New York Eye and Ear Infirmary in New York, is lead author of a poster entitled "Twelve-Month Clinical Outcomes after Phacoemulsification and Goniotomy in Adult Eyes with Glaucoma."

In this study, eight surgeons prospectively collected data on 71 consecutive eyes over a period of 1 year. Surgeons performed phacoemulsification combined with goniotomy using the Kahook Dual Blade (KDB) on adult eyes with glaucoma. As early as day 1 after surgery, mean IOP decreased by 4.1 mmHg (P<0.001), and this effect was maintained throughout the study period. After 1 year, subjects had a mean 4.9 mmHg, or 28%, reduction in IOP from a mean baseline IOP of 17.4 + 5.2 mmHg to 12.5 + 2.4 mmHg at last follow-up (P<0.001). IOP-lowering medication burden also significantly decreased, with a mean reduction of 0.8 medications. A decrease of at least one topical IOP-lowering medication was observed in 65% of subjects. When surveyed about their experience, over 95% of the investigators said KDB use was straightforward and intuitive, entry into Schlemm’s Canal was uncomplicated, and advancement along the treatment pathway was smooth.

“While the advent of minimally invasive glaucoma surgery combined with cataract removal has allowed surgeons to offer patients effective ways to control glaucoma, we are always searching for a procedure that won’t significantly impact the safety of cataract surgery alone, while still having a meaningful reduction in IOP or medication use,” Dr. Radcliffe said in the news release. “The Kahook Dual Blade demonstrated a significant decrease in IOP while maintaining an excellent safety profile. Nearly two-thirds of patients were able to eliminate a drop from their therapeutic regimen, representing an important improvement in quality-of-life as well as sustained control of their disease.”

New World Medical also announced they will be hosting a Breakfast Symposium during AAO 2017 on Sunday, November 12, 2017 from 7–8 am at the LOEWS New Orleans (300 Poydras Street). Peter Netland, MD, PhD will moderate presentations from Donald Budenz, MD, MPH, Oluwatosin “Tosin” Smith, MD, and Scott Lawrence MD, MDiv, ThM. Topics will include an update on clinical trials in glaucoma, novel approaches to angle surgery, and alleviating blindness in Ethiopia. To register for this event, please go to http://www.newworldmedical.com/rsvp/.

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