Mynosys Changes Name to Centricity Vision; Names New Leadership Team

Source: Centricity Vision

Centricity Vision, formerly known as Mynosys Cellular Devices, announced a new executive leadership team, along with a new company name.

Centricity Vision reflects the company’s core competency, embodied by its Zepto Precision Cataract Surgery Platform, in creating precise, consistent, visual axis-centered capsulotomies. The new name also conveys the company’s evolution as it looks to expand its vision care product pipeline beyond Zepto while remaining committed to improving cataract surgery outcomes for surgeons and their patients, according to a company news release.

In addition to Rob Thornhill’s recent appointment as Chief Executive Officer, new executive team members include Louis Bunn, Chief Financial Officer; Todd Pinkney, Vice President of Marketing; Kevin Pratt, Vice President of Sales; Dan Glazerman, Vice President of Research, Development and Manufacturing; and Nealen Hartman, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance. This seasoned team leverages extensive experience in the ophthalmology and medical device industries to drive technological innovation, product quality, and commercial success.

The company’s Zepto Platform enables precise, reproducible, circular, visual axis-centered capsulotomies that facilitate a 360-degree overlap of the IOL optic. Published studies demonstrate the Zepto capsulotomy edge was 2 to 4 times stronger than manual CCC and femtosecond laser capsulotomy.1 Zepto not only automates the anterior capsulotomy, but also enables precise visual axis centration.2

“We have evolved significantly as a company, and we think it’s time our name did too,” Rob Thornhill, President and CEO of Centricity Vision, said in a company news release. “Building on our commitment to assisting surgeons in delivering the best care to their patients, our vision for the future includes leveraging our Zepto technology to create a suite of next-generation ophthalmic capsular management products. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with our new management team to deliver high-quality systems to our customers and their patients.”


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2 Thompson V. Streamlined method for anchoring cataract surgery and intraocular lens centration on the patient’s visual axis. J Cataract Refract Surg. 2018 May;44(5):528-533.


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