Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai in Collaboration with Moorfields Eye Hospital Abu Dhabi Develop Procedure to Diagnose Retinal Problems in Children

Source: Moorfields Eye Hospital

A medical study on diagnosing children undertaken in the United Arab Emirates by a team of four consultants at Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai and Moorfields Eye Hospital Abu Dhabi has achieved the distinction of becoming the first medical study undertaken entirely in the UAE to be published by the Journal of the American Medical Association, JAMA Ophthalmology.

The consultants included Dr. Irfan Khan, supported by Dr. Dk Khurram, Dr. Syed Ali and Dr. Igor Kozak. Consultants involved in the study have already begun to share the results with colleagues at international scientific meetings.

The medical study relates to a new procedure developed by Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai in collaboration with Moorfields Eye Hospital Abu Dhabi to diagnose retinal problems in children and avoid the use of injections in the vein, which can be painful and frightening for children and worrying for parents.

The new procedure (known as oral fundus fluorescein angiography or oral FFA) involves using a special colored dye solution mixed into a sweet drink, which is then drunk by the child. An ultra-widefield retinal imaging device then follows the flow of the dye into the eye and reveals the circulation of blood in the retina. Traditionally, the colored dye would have been injected into the child’s vein, causing discomfort.

The UAE study included 18 children who were imaged at Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai and Moorfields Eye Hospital Abu Dhabi, using this oral technique and advanced imaging device, with no side effects; and all of the patients have been treated successfully.

“Retinal disorders are one of the most common causes of sight loss in children. It’s so important that we get clear images of the back of the eye so we can accurately diagnose conditions to ensure that we offer the most appropriate treatment,” Declan Flanagan, Medical Director at Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, said in a news release. “The study suggests that drink solution technique is effective and it will hopefully make hospital visits much more pleasant for our young patients as it will reduce the need for painful injections. The publication of the UAE study by JAMA Ophthalmology is a great honor for our paediatric ophthalmology team at Moorfields Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It demonstrates innovation and patient-focus healthcare in the UAE.”

Dr. Khan, Consultant Ophthalmologist with special interest in paediatric eye conditions, strabismus, adult and paediatric cataract, Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai, added: “This study has demonstrated that the oral administration of the colored dye with the addition of modern imaging works very well. Our team is delighted to have been recognized by JAMA Ophthalmology with the publication of the study. I would like to convey my special acknowledgment to Dr Igor Kozak who has been instrumental in the publication of our study.”


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