MediCapture Rolls Out New 4K Ultra HD Medical Video Recorder, the Medicap MVR Lite 4K

Source: MediCapture

MediCapture announced that the MediCap MVR Lite 4K, its new 4K Ultra HD recorder, is now commercially available. With four times the picture resolution of HD medical video recorders, the MediCap MVR Lite 4K records a greater sense of depth and better color distinctions, providing a more accurate and superior view of surgical procedure recordings.

The MediCap MVR Lite 4K is perfect for cataract and retina surgeons who are using 4K cameras and monitors to achieve the life-like accuracy required for their procedures, and who also require the same level of detail for post-surgery review and conferences.

4K Ultra HD recording is a game changer for ophthalmic surgery. Never before have ophthalmologists and eye surgeons experienced the minute level of detail that allows them to record a clearer picture with more detail and clarity of the retina, optic nerve, blood vessels, and other ocular anatomy. With 4K and other cutting-edge features, MediCapture is revolutionizing surgical visualization and documentation.

"We believe that the enhanced visual information provided by 4K technology gives eye surgeons an extra level of confidence and elevates post surgery review,” Ben Stluka, MediCapture’s Director of North American Sales, said in a company news release. “The clarity and visual distinction of color depth provided by 4K will aid as an assistive evaluation tool post surgery, which may translate to improved care for the patient.”

Mr. Stluka added that the MediCap MVR 4K is also very easy to use with intuitive controls, and is a good value when compared to other recorders on the market.


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