Market Scope: Ophthalmic Deals Surge in 2018-2019; Most Transactions Involve New Ventures

Source: Market Scope

Ophthalmic deals garnered over $9 billion from January 2018 through October 2019, driven largely by dry eye and retina related fundraising. Over 100 transactions occurred during this period, and over 80 percent of transaction are categorized as new ventures.

The Novartis acquisition of Xiidra from Japanese drugmaker Takeda was the largest deal in the period—making dry eye the leading sector in transaction totals. It was followed closely by the retina sector, with 45 unique transactions.

Many companies are working on disruptive products to prevent and treat causes of blindness, and retina transactions were prominent in all fundraising types; gene therapy companies were among the top funded. Retina pharmaceutical transactions exceeded $804 million.

Market Scope’s upcoming “2018/2019 Ophthalmic Deals Book” covers investments in ophthalmic ventures in 2018 and the first 10 months of 2019, including venture capital, public offerings, licensing, milestone payments, sales of products and companies, and major borrowings.


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