MacuHealth and M&S Technologies Enter Partnership to Advance Patient Care and Treatment Protocols

Source: MacuHealth

M&S Technologies of Niles, Illinois, and MacuHealth LP of Birmingham, Michigan, have entered into a cooperative marketing agreement to educate and train eye care professionals (ECPs) on the direct relationship between enriching macular pigment with nutritional supplements and optimizing visual performance. As more and more optometric practices move toward the medical model, the combined body of scientific and clinical evidence available through M&S technologies and MacuHealth's unique formulation will help advance the quality of patient care. 

M&S has developed a quick and accurate Letter Contrast Sensitivity Protocol using a single Sloan letter optotype at 20/100 at 6 CPD (cycles per degree). The protocol begins at 20% contrast and the doctor will increase or decrease the contrast percentage according to patient responses (whether they answer correctly or incorrectly). Their contrast level is recorded and appears on the screen.

Contrast Sensitivity has been a part of M&S software for over 20 years.  No other technology offers more science, peer reviews, or validations than the Smart System 20/20, according to a company news release.

"Measuring contrast sensitivity as part of every comprehensive eye exam will enable eye care professionals to determine true visual performance that cannot be obtained when measuring visual acuity," Joe Marino, Founder and CEO of M&S Technologies, said in the news release. "Contrast measures the quality of vision, whereas visual acuity measures the quantitative aspect of vision. Contrast sensitivity is an advanced form of vision testing and when integrated as the standard of care in today's practices, it will enable ECPs to pinpoint the needs of their patients and evaluate the best course of action to achieve a better outcome."

"There is now level 1 scientific evidence that demonstrates a direct correlation between rebuilding and enriching macular pigment with MacuHealth's triple carotenoid formulation in patients with healthy eyes (with best corrected Snellen visual acuity) and patients with macular disease (such as AMD and diabetic retinopathy) with improved contrast sensitivity," Frederic Jouhet, Founder and Managing Director of MacuHealth, said in the news release. "We now know with 100% confidence that enriching macular pigment with MacuHealth with LMZ3 will improve visual performance (contrast) even when the patient has what is normally considered perfect vision."

M&S and MacuHealth will soon be launching cooperative programs together to help ECPs purchase M&S contrast sensitivity technology or upgrade existing M&S technology in their practices. These programs will combine the power of advanced vision testing with the power of better vision and macular health through supplementation with MacuHealth.

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