Live Webcast: COVID-19 Impact on Retina Practices

Source: Eyewire News

Bryn Mawr Communications (BMC) will host a live video webcast of its New Retina Radio podcast on Friday at 12 pm ET. The webcast, “How Retina Doctors Are Altering Their Treatments During the COVID-19 Crisis, and How They Can Anticipate What’s Next,” will be hosted by John W. Kitchens, MD. Panelists include Nancy Holekamp, MD, of Pepose Vision Institute, Chesterfield, Missouri; and Sunir Garg, MD, of Wills Eye Hospital and Mid Atlantic Retina in Philadelphia.

The webcast can be seen live on Zoom by clicking here or by visiting Retina Today’s Facebook page.

Friday’s webcast will be the first live episode of New Retina Radio as part of BMC’s special video broadcast series covering the COVID-19 outbreak. Previous episodes, including the first live video webcast of “Ophthalmology Off the Grid” can be found on Eyetube’s podcast page.




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