Lenstec and Oculentis Settle Legal Dispute Over Patents for Bifocal IOLs

Source: Lenstec

Lenstec has stated that it has won its UK patent suit against Oculentis for bifocal IOLs. Oculentis has withdrawn legal proceedings against Lenstec in the UK High Court and made a payment towards Lenstec’s legal costs, according to a Lenstec news release.

Lenstec has agreed not to pursue Oculentis for any additional costs in what Lenstec said was always considered to be a "frivolous lawsuit and without merit." Lenstec’s SBL-3 and SBL-2 IOLs use a patented design which does not infringe on any of Oculentis’ intellectual property.

In commenting on the resolution of the legal dispute, Lenstec stated that, “The cessation of the legal proceedings and acknowledgement by Oculentis that Lenstec did not infringe on their patent is very timely. On the one hand, Lenstec is close to completing enrollment in its US clinical trial for the SBL-3 lens, so it is commercially advantageous to us. Secondly, with the growing popularity of the Extended Depth of Focus lens category, it is a great time for us to reconnect with surgeons to reiterate that all of the trifocal and other multifocal lenses remain based on a concentric ring platform, and these are renowned for high levels of dysphotopsias (halos and glare). The bifocal platform is significantly less susceptible to dysphotopsias, leading to happier patients and reliable levels of near and intermediate vision. We look forward to redoubling our efforts in the multifocal category.”

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