Lensar Receives FDA Clearances for Laser Cataract Platform Integration With Oculus Pentacam Tomographers

Source: Lensar

Lensar announced it received 510(k) clearance for integration of the Oculus Pentacam (both Pentacam HR and Pentacam AXL) and Aladdin topographer from Topcon to the Lensar Laser System with Streamline III. These latest approvals advance the advantages of the Lensar Laser System’s industry exclusive open architecture, expanding the femtosecond refractive cataract platform’s appeal to the extensive Pentacam user base, and continuing to serve the needs of refractive cataract surgeons and their patients.

“As always, our customers significantly influence the choices we make about the devices selected for integration into the Lensar Laser System and there is simply no denying Pentacam is a strong technology of choice in advanced cataract surgical planning,” Nicholas Curtis, CEO of Lensar, said in a company news release. “Our open architecture platform allows surgeons to use the diagnostic devices they trust to guide treatment and manage astigmatism using our laser’s exclusive features to ultimately deliver the outcomes and experience today’s patients demand from an advanced cataract procedure.”

Direct transfer of preoperative evaluation and planning data from topographers to the Lensar Laser System via wireless or USB helps reduce the stackable errors that contribute to suboptimal outcomes. Lensar leads the industry in its focus on helping surgeons with astigmatism management in all cataract procedures with its intuitive Streamline III features including:

  • Integration of complete corneal measurements, including total corneal refractive power and total corneal astigmatism
  • Iris Registration with automatic cyclorotation adjustment
  • IntelliAxis steep axis corneal marking
  • Arcuate incision planning leveraging pre-programmed and updated surgeon data
  • Surgeon tables used to manage pre-existing and surgically induced astigmatism

“Patients undergoing cataract surgery have very high expectations. The Pentacam is an effective preoperative diagnostic technology that allows the clinician to evaluate the cornea and anterior segment of the eye in high detail,” William Trattler, MD, of the Center for Excellence in Eye Care, said in the news release. “Integrating the Pentacam capabilities with the Lensar platform provides a tremendous advantage to the cataract surgeon who desires to meet and exceed patient expectations.”

Pentacam and Aladdin join the Cassini Corneal Shape Analyzer (i-Optics) and the Nidek ODP in the stable of topographers capable of direct integration into the Lensar Laser System, allowing surgeons to optimize treatment for each individual patient based upon complete corneal measurement data.

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