Latest Innovega Patent Allowance Is Awarded in Advance of Imminent Wearable Display Technology Boom

Source: Innovega

The US Patent and Trademark Office issued two notices of allowance to complement the 11 US patents already issued to Innovega, a Washington-based company that aims to deliver stylish, light-weight, wearable display technology with high resolution and a wide field of view.

Analysts including Piper Jaffray forecast that wearable display sales will reach up to 100 million units in 2020. Piper Jaffray adds that, in 2025, augmented reality “will significantly alter the way we communicate and engage with our surroundings.” This is likewise reflected in Technalysis forecasts, which predict the Smart Glasses/Headworn Wearables category will hit $13.5 billion in 2020.

“We are uniquely positioned to solve the optics problems that have limited the usability of wearable display technology to date,” Steve Willey, Innovega CEO said in a company news release. “When you couple our advanced innovation with a market ripe to embrace wearable display technology, you have what every tech company aspires to obtain.”

The family of Innovega patents will allow wearers to merge the digital and real world, providing an uncompromising augmented and mixed reality experience that goes beyond anything else that is available. The system combines contact lenses (or surgically implanted lenses) with stylish glasses. This combination gives the user a discreet, high performance entertainment and information experience. For patients with vision correction needs, the prescription can be applied to the contact or surgically implanted lens.

Innovega’s latest allowances relate to two patents. The first, “Method and Apparatus for Constructing a Contact Lens with Optics,” relates to a contact lens with regular vision correction optics and a central lenslet that enables focusing a display in the spectacle plane, as well as a light polarizing filter that blocks display light from the surrounding region. The second allowance, “Contact Lens,” claims methods of regulating water vapor transmissibility while maintaining oxygen transmissibility in ultra high oxygen permeable lens materials. Both patents were filed by inventors and scientists Jerome Legerton, William Meyers and Jay Marsh. Innovega also received notices of allowance in 2017 from Korea and the European Union for the foundational patent for its technology.

Innovega completed phase 2 clinical trials at the Ohio State University with Dr. Joe Barr, Emeritus Professor and former Vice President, Clinical and Medical Affairs for Global Vision Care at Bausch and Lomb. The clinical and regulatory team met with the FDA in February in preparation for the phase 3 clinical trials in North America for the purpose of gaining market clearance for the novel contact lenses.

Steve Willey commented: “This has been an exciting year for Innovega, as we advanced our intellectual property, refined our display eyewear reference designs, discussed our technology with potential contact lens and display eyewear partners, and continue our clinical testing.”

Innovega is actively seeking strategic partners within the ophthalmic and consumer electronics industries.

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