Krypton Vision Achieves New 20/10 Industry Standard for High-Definition Eyeglasses with Intelligent Wavefront Technology

Source: Krypton Vision

Krypton Vision has introduced its objective wavefront-driven refraction technologies and process to challenge the eyeglass industry's conventional, subjective approach. This enables an unprecedented level of refraction and correction care standardization of 20/10 optics - exceptional vision relegated to Topgun Navy fighter pilots, but now available to every eye through high-definition eyeglass and sunglass prescriptions, according to a company news release.

A study conducted at the Navy Medical Center at San Diego revealed 288 eyes of Topgun aviators with uncorrected, natural 20/10 vision have superior optical quality for all pupil conditions (day or night). Alternatively, 20/20 eyes were found to have compromised optical quality and elevated aberrations. These findings enabled Krypton Vision to create proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms that deliver predictive prescriptions of people's unique vision to those of 20/10 optics.

"Based on sensible, scientifically-based ideas from a pioneer of Wavefront technology for the eye, Krypton Vision has come up with a smart, effective and modern solution for spectacle prescriptions and lenses," Dr. Austin Roorda, an expert in adaptive optics for vision and ophthalmology and Professor of Optometry and Vision Science at School of Optometry, University of California, Berkeley, said in the news release.

Krypton Vision unlocks the unfulfilled promise of true 20/10 High-Definition Vision through the unique combination of its following patented technologies and process:

IwavePhorpoter – the world's first integrated Wavefront platform with a Hartmann-Shack aberrometer, ultra high-resolution digital phoropter and proprietary software control with artificial intelligence delivers new level of 20/10 optics correction, with subjective validation to ensure patient acceptance
IwaveVue – custom-made, high-definition lenses that offer 20/10 optics through proprietary Wavefront refraction and "free-from" design and manufacturing technology
IwearScan – the world's first scanning systems for fitting eyeglasses and virtual try-on of frames that delivers fast and precise measurements

"We are not all created equal, but as so often happens with advancements in technology, we now have the opportunity and ability to realize a level of superior vision previously thought unattainable to everyone," Dr. Junzhong Liang, founder and CEO of Krypton Vision, said in the news release. "Much like the transition from analog to digital televisions, we're evolving the art of vision correction into more of a science. Our proprietary technology will enable optometrists to deliver 20/10 prescription to their patients – the new and truly best standard of vision."

Krypton Vision (booth #LP4012) will be at the International Vision Expo & Conference East at Javits Center, New York, Friday, March 31 to Sunday, April 2

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