Katena Products Announces Launch of the New Katena.com

Source: Katena Products

Katena Products has announced the launch of the new katena.com, an interactive and engaging ecommerce and education portal. The new site enables existing and prospective customers to review the complete assortment of Katena products and immediately order online.

The new site integrates all Katena instrument, Barron corneal devices, Katena/IOP biologics, lens, and EagleVision punctum plug lines into a unified, fully searchable site.

A 24/7, 365 days a year accessibility to Katena products is a hallmark of the site.

Customers establishing an account will be provided a portal to order products and assemble quotes. Additional portal functionality includes viewing past order and quote history, account balances, and repair and return status. Account holders will be able to view pricing and receive news and information relevant to Katena, the industry, and their account.

All users may research useful information on each product, including relevant videos and literature. Supporting information for each of the products is also included. A fully interactive product search feature will produce relevant results irrespective of preferred search methods.

“Our new site is designed to provide a world-class ecommerce solution to assist our customers, current and prospective. They will be able to discover the full breadth of the Katena product offering in an engaging fashion,” Mark Fletcher, CEO, said in a company news release. “More than simply an ecommerce site, we have designed Katena.com to actively engage users and provide an educative approach to locating and buying the products required to optimize patient outcomes.”

The recently acquired Rhein Medical products can still be found at www.rheinmedical.com.

For customers outside of the US, Blink Medical products can be found at www.blinkmedical.com.


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