Johnson & Johnson Vision Receives Approval in Japan for First Drug-Releasing Combination Contact Lens for Vision Correction and Allergic Eye Itch

Source: Johnson & Johnson Vision

Johnson & Johnson Vision announced approval from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) for the first and only vision correction contact lens that relieves allergic eye itch: Acuvue Theravision with Ketotifen. The lens contains ketotifen, an H1 histamine receptor antagonist for the prevention of itch associated with eye allergies. 

“This approval marks another significant milestone in Johnson & Johnson Vision’s legacy of rethinking what’s possible with contact lenses, and bringing forward innovations to help eye care practitioners better meet the needs of their patients around the world,” Xiao-Yu Song, MD, PhD, Global Head of Research & Development, Johnson & Johnson Vision, said in a company news release. “Our goal at Johnson & Johnson Vision is to change the trajectory of eye health and we will continue to drive new innovation and technologies that correct, enhance, and restore people’s vision over their lifetimes.”

Itchy allergy eyes can impact vision, and this becomes even more problematic for contact lens wearers—most of whom resort to rubbing their eyes. Data show that 8 out of 10 contact lens wearers feel frustrated when their eye allergies interfere with normal contact lens wear.[1] Acuvue Theravision with Ketotifen may help patients who wish to continue wearing contact lenses during the allergy season.

“Over 40 percent of people suffer from eye allergies, and of those, 80 percent feel frustrated when allergies interfere with contact lens wear,” said Dr. Brian Pall, OD, MS, FAAO, Director, Clinical Science, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care. “We’re proud to bring forward a new contact lens that simultaneously provides vision correction and relief of allergic eye itch, without the need for allergy eye drops.”

Johnson & Johnson Vision is working with health authorities worldwide to bring Acuvue Theravision with Ketotifen to market.

[1] JJV Data on File 2019 U.S. & Canada Ocular Allergy – Key Insights Review

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