Johnson & Johnson Vision Highlights New Data on Personalized Vision Approach with Tecnis Family of IOLs and Highlights Progress of Innovative Pipeline at ASCRS

Source: Johnson & Johnson Vision

Johnson & Johnson Vision announced that a series of new data will be presented that further support advancements and innovations in the treatment of cataracts, dry eye, and laser vision correction. These analyses will be presented at the 2019 American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) and American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators (ASOA) annual meeting in San Diego, May 3-7, 2019.

“At ASCRS, Johnson & Johnson Vision will present new research and education that demonstrate how we are continuing to support eye care professionals in elevating the standard of care for patients across a lifetime of eye health needs,” Tom Frinzi, Worldwide President, Surgical, Johnson & Johnson Vision, said in a company news release. “Data will show how a personalized vision approach using the TECNIS Family of IOLs may deliver optimal outcomes for cataract patients, and show the potential clinical performance of our investigational, next-generation presbyopia correcting IOL, TECNIS Synergy IOL.”

Johnson & Johnson Vision will also feature a new booth at ASCRS as well as a variety of interactive educational experiences for professionals including the Tecnis Experience, the LipiFlow Patient Experience Suite, the J&J Vision Learning Hub, and more.

Additionally, Johnson & Johnson Vision is proud to sponsor the 7th Annual ASCRS Foundation Run for Sight as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to connect patients with access to care. To help support this cause, register at: https://www.tracs.net/ascrs5k/registration.html.

A complete listing of abstracts related to Johnson & Johnson Vision can be found on the ASCRS website. Notable abstracts of interest are listed below.

Personalized Vision Approach with TECNIS Symfony IOL and TECNIS Multifocal IOL

Data show that a personalized vision approach using a TECNIS Symfony IOL and TECNIS Multifocal IOL may provide patients improved near visual acuities without compromising distance, as well as deliver lower incidence of visual symptoms, and improve patient satisfaction.

TECNIS Synergy IOL, an Investigational, Next-Generation Presbyopia-Correcting IOL

By combining extended depth of focus and multifocal technologies, TECNIS Synergy IOL is designed to deliver continuous high-contrast vision from intermediate through near, without compromising distance. Data to be presented at ASCRS demonstrated the lens’ performance across visual acuities, contrast, and defocus curves. TECNIS Synergyǂ IOL will be commercially available later this year in Europe and is not yet approved in other markets.

LIPIFLOW Vectored Thermal Pulsation for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

In one study, meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) affected up to 86% of patients with dry eye disease. Effectively managing MGD before surgery has been shown to stabilize the tearfilm for accurate refractive measurements and reduce dry eye symptoms post-surgery. New data continue to support the safety and efficacy of the LIPIFLOW treatment, and may also increase, relative to untreated controls, the amount of visible meibomian gland structure assessed approximately one year after a LIPIFLOW treatment for MGD.

IDESIGN Refractive Studio for Wavefront-Guided Refractive Surgery

IDESIGN Refractive Studio is the only system to use topography-integrated, wavefront-guided technology, enabling data-driven personalization. Data shows that the majority of patients see 20/16 or better six months after wavefront-guided, data-driven personalization prior to laser vision correction.



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