Johnson & Johnson’s Peter Menziuso and AOA’s Dr. Chris Quinn on the Ground in Washington DC

Source: Johnson & Johnson

Representing Johnson & Johnson Vision, Peter Menziuso joined American Optometric Association (AOA) President Dr. Chris Quinn yesterday in Washington, D.C., for meetings at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and with lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

At the FDA, Johnson & Johnson Vision and AOA had a unique opportunity to meet with regulators, bringing the perspective of the eye care community to the table to voice their support for:

  • The continued classification of contact lenses as medical devices—requiring doctor oversight and supervision.  
  • Safety standards that help ensurecontact lenses are never purchased without a valid prescription.

In meetings on Capitol Hill, Dr. Quinn and Mr. Menziuso continued the conversation about patient safety— encouraging Congressional members to take action to reintroduce the Contact Lens Consumer Health Protection Act and improve the way prescribers and sellers communicate and verify contact lens prescriptions.

Mr. Menziuso also raised Johnson & Johnson Vision’s support for commonsense patient safeguards, including:

  • One-year contact lens prescription expiration dates;
  • Non-substitution of prescribed contact lens brands;
  • Comprehensive eye health exams

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